Go where others cannot go

Teach English.  Reach lives.  Make a difference.

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who is


Why do we teach english?

Quality English education is in high demand—it improves lives, stabilizes careers, and opens doors for students to achieve their goals. We are honored to be a part of providing a tangible advantage to hard-working, resilient students in some of the most unreached places on Earth.



We work with professional excellence

We love learning culture and language

We work well on teams

how long is the


Start with a year and stay until you feel it's time to leave.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, there’s a place for you to make a difference through teaching, leadership, and building relationships in the local community. Invest a season of your life with a team of committed teachers with a desire to impact the future.

I love the emphasis on team and member care.

— Former ELIC teacher

I have fallen in love with this organization and what it stands for.

— Former ELIC teacher

when you are not


What will I do?

These activities and your time commitments will vary by country, but when you are not teaching we strategically ensure that your schedule allows for time to invest in people and the local culture.

Lesson planning

Professional development

Meals with students & friends

Personal development

Country exploration

Mentoring students

Time with your team

Exercise & fitness

English activities

School clubs

what sets

ELIC apart

Our history of excellence in education opens doors of miraculous opportunity.

Long term partnerships

We have provided university teaching teams for nearly 40 years. We work to find the best people, provide excellent training, and continue to invest in their growth so they will want to stay and build their careers overseas.

Many of our university partnerships span more than 20 and 30 years. Our partners are committed to providing living and teaching environments that are fulfilling and sustainable.

Professional excellence

We are known around the world for excellence in recruitment, screening, training, and ongoing professional development.

Teacher care

We’re serious about our commitment to care for our teachers! We provide hands-on support throughout all stages of their journey: pre-field training, teaching support, professional development training, ongoing member care, in-country leadership support, and debriefing when our teachers return home. Our current teachers love to talk about “the ELIC family.”

We strategically go places where others cannot go.

everyone joins a


ELIC recognizes the importance of community and having a positive team that you can rely on. Our teams are a vital part of what will make your life overseas successful.

We create amazing teams of people who, like you, desire to live and work alongside one another, serving university students, refugees, community members, and others. In many places, there might be more than one team in a city. Together, they work with passion and excellence to build meaningful relationships with their students, colleagues, and neighbors.

Having a team creates a safe environment for us, it creates a little bit of family.

— ELIC teacher

are you ready to


We’re looking for committed Christians who have:

A bachelor’s degree in any field

English fluency

(IELTS level 8 or 9 for non-native speakers)

An aptitude for teaching

ELIC provides comprehensive training, including a graduate-level TESOL certificate, for all long-term teachers (prior teaching experience is not a requirement)

A commitment to working, learning, and growing alongside a team of other people like you

Pursue your


Through our partners, you can receive over 50% off your master’s degree while serving overseas with ELIC!

We are committed to giving you the best opportunities to earn your master’s degree while pursuing your dreams and professional goals overseas. 

our commitment to


While you serve others, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Excellent member care is a distinctive priority within ELIC. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy teachers are best able to teach and function well within their teams. Personal and professional accountability to healthy standards is also important for sustainability in places that are difficult to access and live.

ELIC commits to providing exceptional educators as well as caring for every member of our organization. High-quality organizational support through cultural training, comprehensive medical insurance, and personal care can alleviate some of the challenges specific to living cross-culturally. Our member care structure enables teachers to be culturally-integrated in their communities and well-adjusted members of their teaching teams.

our teachers have great


Phone Calls & Emails With Member Care Specialists

Leadership & Master’s Classes

One-On-One Care

Relocation & Housing Assistance

International Health Insurance

take one step at a



Get Started

Start by filling out the Get Started form . A candidate advisor will be in touch to chat with you about opportunities.


Apply online

Fill out our online application. This will include professional and personal references.


Tell us more

Your candidate advisor will contact you to set up a time for an interview to get to know you. We will also evaluate how your unique gifts and abilities could help you thrive with ELIC’s teams overseas.


Prepare to go

Our Candidate Care Team and support raising coaches will walk alongside you until departure, helping you holistically prepare for your new home and life overseas.



Our comprehensive orientation is where you will earn your TESOL certification, learn about your new culture, as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for what’s ahead.



ELIC departures take place in either late summer or early winter. Your extensive training will take place both in North America and overseas.