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An M.A. in TESOL and Intercultural Studies provides teachers with a solid foundation in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Designed for both novice and experienced English language teachers, this program is the standard professional degree for positions in universities and language institutes throughout the world. The M.A. in TESOL has been offered since 2000 in a field-based format for ELIC teachers. All courses are offered in an online format throughout the year so that teachers can access them from any location! Intensive courses are offered each year on Wheaton’s campus and other locations to provide the option of in-person instruction and to enhance community building. Combined with the TEFL Certificate, this MA takes three years to earn.

Through a cooperative arrangement between ELIC and Wheaton College, students accepted by both ELIC and Wheaton College will receive a tuition discount. Advance work, including reading, research, projects, is required for all intensive courses. 

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Program Support

You will have extensive support not only from ELIC, but also from academic faculty at Wheaton!

Payment Options

Wheaton offers a variety of payment options. 

Study Materials

Through the TESOL Flex program, you will be supplied all coursework completely online!

Program Modality

Flexible options to select and change mode of courses over the course of your degree.

Distinct Components of the

M.A. Program


In this course, the teachers learn fundamental teaching and planning techniques for the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) as well as other key areas such as pronunciation and grammar. As a practical introduction to teaching methodology, this part of the Certificate provides new teachers with a valuable set of resources to use in the future and it provides experienced teachers with a good refresher on English language teaching methodology.


In this course, teachers will have in-depth instruction on the how to present instruction and manage a classroom in an overseas context. Teachers will explore and reflect on areas such as how to plan a lesson, how to conduct a language drill, how to structure group work effectively, and how to deal with management issues.


Each teacher will be observed multiple times in a real classroom by an experienced mentor. We see this mentoring process as a critical component of the Certificate. While the classes provide invaluable methods and resources, it is vitally important to apply these ideas appropriately in the classroom. We recognize that teaching is a profession requiring a significant amount of “on-the-job training”, and we have set up the Certificate requirements with this in mind.