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Iraq is full of stunning places and hospitable people

5 weeks

Known in the ancient world as Mesopotamia, present day Iraq in the Middle East was considered one of the cradles of human civilization and a world center of its time. Bordered by the countries of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran, Iraq has 36 miles of coastline on the Persian Gulf. In this 5-week program, participants will engage in teaching high school and university students who are Kurdish.

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5 weeks in Iraq

What city in Iraq?


Describe this new Short-Term Program in 4 sentences or less.

This program is a 5-week summer program designed to immerse participants in overseas life and teach English to Kurdish students.

How much classroom prep time is required/expected each week?

15 min (conversation club)

What is the ideal team size?


What are the bare minimum degree requirements needed by a volunteer in this role?

High-school diploma

What does food and housing look like for this program?

Food will mostly be eating out at a variety of local restaurants, housing will be hostel rooms with a roommate