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Although Laos has a small population of about 6.8 million people, it has approximately 160 people groups.


Teacher Training Program

Laos is a tropical country located in Southeast Asia. It borders Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Although Laos has a small population of about 6.8 million people, it has approximately 160 people groups. Our teachers in Laos constantly rave about the warmth and hospitality that the Lao locals are known for.

Build deep friendships with Lao educators while you teach them the foundations of being a successful English teacher. Pass on your English skills as you teach the teachers of Laos.



In Laos, you and your team will be teaching English to teachers that are a part of an English Language Teacher Training Program (ELTTP). These students are all secondary school teachers coming from the poorest and most remote districts within the province. When they join ELTTP, it is often their first experience with a foreign teacher and sometimes even their first conversation with a foreigner!

This training program is a three-year program for Lao English teachers, and they are very eager to return each summer to learn. But it doesn’t end with the summer—after you leave, long term ELIC staff spend the fall and spring traveling to the trainee’s villages to continue teaching them and building lasting relationships.

This program reaches into parts of Laos that few foreigners ever go. Our training brings hope to their lives as we are able to care for them in a way they have never been cared for and it touches them deeply. As one trainee recently said to his North American teacher in his final days in the program: “Even though you will not be here, the things you taught us will live on in our hearts.”


July 9th – August 2
Orientation & Debrief will take place in Laos

What's Included

  • Food and housing
  • International travel
  • Sightseeing opportunities
  • Medical and evacuation coverage
  • Orientation, training, and debriefing
  • Visa and document processing
  • Support development materials
  • Donor receipting
  • Teaching curriculum
  • Screening and team placement
  • Contracts with individual host schools
  • And more!


At ELIC, we don’t want you to ever feel like you’re raising support on your own. We provide a wide range of resources to ensure you feel fully supported and well informed throughout the process. Some of those resources include:

  • A dedicated Candidate Advisor to walk through the support raising process with you
  • A Support Raising Guide, specifically written by our staff for short term service overseas
  • Access to a support letter generator
  • Access to support letter examples
  • Access to an online donation tracking system that shows you how much you’ve raised, who’s donated to you and their contact information
  • Access to an online platform that hosts a variety of helpful documents, articles and book suggestions
  • A discounted rate to Provisio Fundraising Solutions – a third party financial support raising product
  • Printed donor cards, business reply envelopes and stamps to get you started