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Mongolia, referred to as the “Land of Eternally Blue Sky”


Mongolia is an Asian country that borders Russia and China and is home to just over 3 million people. It is often referred to as the “Land of Eternally Blue Sky” because it has, on average, 250 sunny days each year. Each year, our teams have the privilege of working both in the city and in more rural areas of Mongolia working alongside Mongolian colleagues and educating the country’s future leaders.

Known for its beautiful countryside, Mongolia is a country filled with students who want to further their English skills and know more about their teachers. This opportunity is perfect for the adventurous and outdoorsy type!



Mongolia is a beautiful country, with rolling hills and roaring rivers. It is a perfect fit for the adventurous type. Set in the rural Mongolian countryside, you and your team will teach English to middle school and high school students at a summer camp. The summer camp setting provides a unique opportunity to get to know your students in the classroom, as well as build relationships with them during meals, games, and free time.

This program is very high energy and will consist of sports, skits, and other outdoor activities. Evenings are often spent planning for the next day of lessons, enjoying intentional community with your team, and resting.

A unique part of this program is that participants get to experience Mongolia’s traditional festival known as Naadam. Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery are the main events of the festival.


June 2 – July 6
Orientation & Debrief will take place in Istanbul, Turkey.

What's Included

  • Food and housing
  • International Travel
  • Sightseeing opportunities
  • Medical and evacuation coverage
  • Orientation, training, and debriefing
  • Visa and document processing
  • Support development materials
  • Donor receipting
  • Teaching curriculum
  • Screening and team placement
  • Contracts with individual host schools
  • And more!


At ELIC, we don’t want you to ever feel like you’re raising support on your own. We provide a wide range of resources to ensure you feel fully supported and well-informed throughout the process. Some of those resources include:

  • A dedicated Candidate Advisor to walk through the support raising process with you
  • A Support Raising Guide, specifically written by our staff for short-term service overseas
  • Access to a support letter generator
  • Access to support letter examples
  • Access to an online donation tracking system that shows you how much you’ve raised, who’s donated to you and their contact information
  • Access to an online platform that hosts a variety of helpful documents, articles and book suggestions
  • A discounted rate to Provisio Fundraising Solutions – a third-party financial support raising product
  • Printed donor cards, business reply envelopes, and stamps to get you started